LuLaRoe: From Start to Finish

Bless Lives and Strengthen Families - this is the motto of LuLaRoe, but what does it mean? LuLaRoe was founded out of the idea that every individual deserves to be able to support their family with a career that fosters family growth and support. It achieves this goal by allowing its fashion retailers to set their own schedule and spend more time at home. Jeff and I have seen the benefits of this first hand, and have seen our family be strengthened and our lives truly blessed with our LuLaRoe business.

Of course, LuLaRoe is also about fashion! Not boring, uncomfortable fashion, but fun, unique designs that are as comfy as they are stylish. Each and every article of LuLaRoe clothing goes through a long journey before reaching the customer. From conception to production, many people around the world collaborate together to ensure that each design is crafted with comfort, style and community in mind.

Partnering with artisans and designers around the globe, it isn’t just the lives of the retailers that are being blessed with LuLaRoe fashion - it’s the lives of every person that has a hand in its development. So, when you try on your next pair of indescribably soft leggings, you know that those leggings have a story, and have helped to strengthen many families and communities.

To see the production journey of a LuLaRoe design, watch the video below!